Get the best price on a virtual mailbox


Going to big copy stores can be intimidating, especially if you've got a big job to do and the place is busy. Our team can help make any job smooth no matter the size.


We can store your mail for any length you desire. Contract and payment options are flexible with us.


Need paper, stamps or boxes of any size or shape? We can help! We have all your shipping needs in one place.

Our mission is to

  • To help consume less resources to protect our climate and we also plant a tree for every new member.
  • To help consumers eliminate unwanted junk mail.
  • To not compromise your personal information to other companies or promoters for marketing purposes without your knowledge
  • To help in protect our trees, plants and reduce greenhouse gases by planting a tree
  • To reduce our customer frustration levels with the amount of unwanted junk mail they receive
  • To provide users the easiest way to reduce or manage your incoming junk or unwanted mails and stop spam